Monday, March 10, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template: EXIT Signs

This template has two different approaches to the venerable 'EXIT' sign one might find anywhere in North America over doorways in public areas.  In the case of a power outage, they are often the only light in the room as their internal batteries show occupants the way to safety.

A couple of recommendations on this template.  Each sign has arrows both left and right, and in the real world, there is usually only one arrow as typically the exit is closest in one direction OR the other...not both.  In this way, you could replace the current type and use the the arrow to indicate movement or a transition right or left.

One EXIT sign is intended to appear as if it is surface-mount neon tubes...the other is more like the common back lit stencil variety.  As always, all elements were created in the Title Designer and therefore, can be easily customized for your project.

Download the EXIT signs template here.

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