Wednesday, May 28, 2014

S4T 45 Free Typestyles: You choose the font, and we supply the rest

Style4Type 45 Free Typestyles (click to enlarge)
Some of you might look at our 45 Free typestyles and be concerned that you don't see a lot of type face variety.

Next to the original typestyle library that shipped with your software, the actual fonts that are visually represented are few in our 45 Free S4T Typestyles Library set.

The default typestyle library (click to enlarge)
Since versions of Premiere Pro since CS3 are available for Windows and Mac and those two systems have different fonts included with the system, and on top of that, each user can add fonts to their system over time, there isn't a good way to predict which compatible fonts are installed on each user's system.

For this reason, most S4T Typestyles (there are a few exceptions) are built around basic fonts like Arial or Times.  This makes the results for our users as predictable as possible.

4 different fonts using the Superbroadcaster 'style'  (click to enlarge)
Keep in mind that this presents no limitation for you, as the user.  You can simply type some text using an S4T Typestyle and then change the font to something you'd prefer from your system and keep the 'style' attributes.

You could also take an existing type object and simply apply a style without changing the font (use Alt/Opt).  The four type objects shown to the left all use the "Superbroadcaster' typestyle from the Free S4T Typestyle Library.

The Title Designer tool inside Premiere Pro continues to be an undiscovered gem for most least most users who haven't yet discovered

Download 45 Free Style4Type Typestyles here...and check out the Premium Styles and Templates available for Premiere Pro while you're there.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template: License Plate

click to enlarge
We released a USA automobile license tag back in February (check it out here), but that one seemed a little too colorful to be a car license for we've added another license plate template to the collection.

If you live in California, you'll recognize the color scheme as an homage to that state's license plate from 1969 through 1981 (the blue background changed shade a bit in 1980).

As with all S4T templates, this one is created completely inside Premiere Pro's Title tool and is ready for your customization.  The font is Arial for good cross-platform consistency, but you can probably find a font on your system that may resemble license plate lettering more to you.

Download the License Plate template here.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free S4T Template PROJECT: News GFX

Background image for illustration only (click to enlarge)
We've built another project using the Title Designer to create a series of elements than combine them.

In this case we have a typical news network lower third with a variety of distracting elements all competing for your attention...just like the big guys do.

In this project you'll find separate elements that can each be altered by you with your own custom text and images...even change the color scheme if you'd's all available in the Titler.  This project includes a series of layers: a background with the opaque color elements, a logo, and multiple text elements including a crawl moving across the bottom.  You can replace our text with your own...we just gave you something to start with.

Illustrated layer order (click to enlarge)
The project is saved as CS6, so the project will load in CS6 and later.  If you have an earlier version of Adobe Premiere Pro, each title is also saved separately inside the zip, and you can load them and use them in a variety of older versions.  Follow the layer stacking order we have in the illustration to reconstruct the entire graphic.

Download the project here.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Free S4T Template PROJECT: Energy Pulse

 Today's free template is actually a collection of titler files put together to accomplish an interesting effect using Premiere Pro's built-in effects...and the titler.

There are three separate files involved in this effect:

1. The main title itself,

2. A matte created by simply duplicating the main title file and making the text white and  turning off all strokes, and turning on a black background,

Figure A
3. A title file consisting of a large rectangle drawn inside the titler with a green/black gradient applied,

First, we created a sequence for the rectangle gradient file to animated left-right on top of a black layer (Figure A).  In this case, we stretched the graphic to create a longer "bright" state, but you can adjust this as you prefer.  We created key frames, one at the beginning with the green completely off-screen left, and one at the end with the green off-screen right.  The animated bright element is now complete.

Second, we created another sequence and put the main title element on V1, we nested the pulse sequence we just completed on V2 (we repeated it several times as you can see in Figure B, but wait a bit before you create the duplicates if you're building this from scratch), and we placed the matte title on V3 and clicked on the "eye"-con to make V3 invisible.

Two last bits of business...we added a gaussian blur to the matte to make the edges of it soft and imply that sort of 'glow' you see in the finished effect.  We then added the Track Matte effect to the nested 'Pulse' sequence on V2 and set it to matte from V3 and composite using Luma.  We also enabled the screen key function in the opacity blend mode on the nested sequence.

Once the effect looks right, you can duplicate the nested sequence to create as many loops as you want.

This download is a zip file that contains the Premiere Pro project with all the settings for you to reverse-engineer yourself, as well as the individual title files.  If you have CS6 or later, you can use the project file.  If you have an earlier version, you can build the same effect by and loading the individual title files and following these instructions.

(*If you are using a version of Premiere Pro that pre-dates the ability to nest sequences, you would have to render the moving green element as a separate video clip and import it and use that in place of the nested sequence.)

Download the project and the files here.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Inspiration: AMC's Mad Men from Art of the Title

Another example of how the Imaginary Forces team puts together an iconic title sequence.

Art of the Title has a full write-up on the creation of the title sequence for AMC's Mad Men.

Read the full article.