Monday, June 30, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template: Through the Porthole

Template over white (click to enlarge)

Combining your titles with some additional picture or graphic content can add significant visual interest to your video project.

S4T has a Title Template that will get you started doing just that.

Template over video (click to enlarge)
We're showing you the template over white, over video, and over a graphic to give you some ideas on how you might use this template.
Template over a graphic (click to enlarge)

By using a transparent, solid black background in the title, the background image color becomes the base of your palette, with a clear view f the image in the "porthole" frame.

Feel free to modify any of the properties in the template with the Title designer, inside of Premiere Pro.

Download this Free S4T Title Template here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

S4T Tip: Saving Custom Premiere Pro Title Templates (It's only weird the first time...)

 If you are a person having a difficult time figuring out how to save your own custom title template in Premiere Pro's Title Designer, you aren't alone.

To call the process 'unintuitive' is probably charitable, but once you understand the language and the odd interface design, it's actually extremely simple...there are, quite literally, 3 steps.
Figure 1 (click to enlarge)

Step 1 is illustrated on figure 1...find the 'Templates' icon and click on it.

Step 2 is laid out in figure 2.  You need to go to the top/right of the templates dialog and click on the unlabeled button, which opens the panel menu.

Figure 2 (click to enlarge)
Step 3 is to forget everything you know about the terminology used in every other part of Premiere Pro, because you won't see a 'save' option of any kind in that menu.  To store the title you're currently working on as a template that you can recall later, choose 'Import Current Title as Template'.  Yes, I know that importing something already in the project seems odd...even 'Export Current Title as Template' would make more sense if 'Save Template' is somehow unworkable..but there you have it.

For information on how to save S4T Free Templates to your library or where the templates are located on your system, download our docs on the topic here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template plus Texture: Old Plank

click to enlarge
 At Style4Type, we've been showing off a lot of features inside the Premiere Pro Title Designer that many users just don't discover on their own.

One of the least knwon features of the Premiere Pro Title Tool is the 'Texture' mapping capabilities for text Fill and Stroke properties.

S4T Texture_Old_Plank 1.jpg  (click to enlarge)
For this week, we've created a Title with a texture mapped into the Fill and Stroke faces.  The texture (S4T Texture_Old_Plank_1.jpg) is included with the .prtl file in a zip file, as you'll need the texture to use this title (most likely with some text of your own of course) in your own productions.

Texture parameters for Fill (click to enlarge)

We've included a screen grab of the Texture parameters under the Fill Properties in the Title Designer interface.  You'll probably notice that the parameters available to customize how textures are mapped on text are extensive.   By playing around with them, you can create new looks which all use a common texture file.  If you have a file of your own you'd like to use as a texture map, just click on the box to the right of "Texture" in the interface to open the load dialog.

We'll do more with Textures in the near future, but you can start to work with Texture mapping your own titles today by downloading the free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template here.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template: Movable Type

click to enlarge
Today we utilize a digital tool to create an homage to the original movable type.

Even Gutenberg himself would recognize this image...characters lined up, each on their own base.

You'll notice that each letter is its own object so the gradients could be altered a bit, along with slight nudges in alignment to get that varied feel from letter to letter.

It's an experiment that you can add to your S4T Template library to alter and use as you please in cases where a title aesthetic from the 1400s is exactly what you were looking for...  Download it here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Inspiration: AMC's Halt and Catch Fire from Art of the Title

click to enlarge
Art of the Title: "Was there anything that took you by surprise when working on this sequence?."

Patrick Clair: "That anyone would ever allow me to put this mix of red and magenta on the air! I should have been stopped."

Art of the Title covers the creation of the title sequence for AMC's Halt and Catch Fire with the creative team responsible for creating what may be the most red ever crammed into one title sequence.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template: Depth of Field

click to enlarge
This template is really kind of a concept exercise.  Very few users of Premiere Pro's Title Designer set out to create blurry, or 'out of focus' text, but with a little re-purposing of the shadow attribute, it can be done.

Another approach would be to create two titles and just do the blurring on the Premiere Pro sequence of course...but that's another blog entry entirely.

Add this template to your S4T library by downloading it here.