Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template plus Texture: Old Plank

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 At Style4Type, we've been showing off a lot of features inside the Premiere Pro Title Designer that many users just don't discover on their own.

One of the least knwon features of the Premiere Pro Title Tool is the 'Texture' mapping capabilities for text Fill and Stroke properties.

S4T Texture_Old_Plank 1.jpg  (click to enlarge)
For this week, we've created a Title with a texture mapped into the Fill and Stroke faces.  The texture (S4T Texture_Old_Plank_1.jpg) is included with the .prtl file in a zip file, as you'll need the texture to use this title (most likely with some text of your own of course) in your own productions.

Texture parameters for Fill (click to enlarge)

We've included a screen grab of the Texture parameters under the Fill Properties in the Title Designer interface.  You'll probably notice that the parameters available to customize how textures are mapped on text are extensive.   By playing around with them, you can create new looks which all use a common texture file.  If you have a file of your own you'd like to use as a texture map, just click on the box to the right of "Texture" in the interface to open the load dialog.

We'll do more with Textures in the near future, but you can start to work with Texture mapping your own titles today by downloading the free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template here.

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