Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free S4T Template PROJECT: News GFX

Background image for illustration only (click to enlarge)
We've built another project using the Title Designer to create a series of elements than combine them.

In this case we have a typical news network lower third with a variety of distracting elements all competing for your attention...just like the big guys do.

In this project you'll find separate elements that can each be altered by you with your own custom text and images...even change the color scheme if you'd's all available in the Titler.  This project includes a series of layers: a background with the opaque color elements, a logo, and multiple text elements including a crawl moving across the bottom.  You can replace our text with your own...we just gave you something to start with.

Illustrated layer order (click to enlarge)
The project is saved as CS6, so the project will load in CS6 and later.  If you have an earlier version of Adobe Premiere Pro, each title is also saved separately inside the zip, and you can load them and use them in a variety of older versions.  Follow the layer stacking order we have in the illustration to reconstruct the entire graphic.

Download the project here.

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