Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Free S4T Title Template plus Texture: Mystify

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S4T Texture Vapor.png (click to enlarge)
We've been introducing ways to work with the texture mapping feature inside Premiere Pro's Title Designer in recent weeks.

In this template, we furnish two different text objects with slightly different takes on the same texture mapped into the same text but with a few adjustments in strokes and shadows, etc.

By altering the textures alpha scale attribute, you can create semi-transparent effects like what we're doing here...then with a shadow that is a bright color instead of dark, you can create some rather convincing 'glow' kinds of effects right in the Title Designer.

Textures are everywhere...this one was created inside Photoshop with the Render-Clouds effect.  By loading this texture into Photoshop, you can create further changes to it to create different effects.  Explore and try all kinds of weird stuff...often, this is where the discoveries happen.

Download this free template and the included texture here. 


As always, our document on placing Premiere Pro Title Templates so you can find them in your template dialog is available here, and our Free and Premium products are available at and CS6 and CC/CC 2014 users can also find our free typestyles, our 2013 free templates, and our Premium Typestyle and Template library on

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