Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template and Effect with footage from Beachfront B-Roll

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Another opportunity to work with some free stock footage from Beachfront B-Roll...

For this title effect, we're using Beachfront B-Roll's Dark Droplets Clip (download link below).

Using today's free Style4Type Title Template, you can create the effect of the reflection "under" the drops.

After downloading the Dark Droplets clip, place the clip on V1 in your Premiere Pro sequence (the clip and the title are 1920x1080 and the clip is 23.976 fps), then put the TG0214-1 Title Template on V2 (as with all title templates, you can simply click on the text object that is the template name and delete it).  The title can use whatever blend mode you choose, but in this case, we changed the blend mode to 'screen' on the title.

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If you want, you can also add the Basic 3D effect the way we did and angle the title clip to appear to be better aligned with the surface the drops are on. (see the screen grab for the effects we applied to the title).

Then, we decided the drops weren't quite obvious enough, so we added the Dark Droplets clip again on V3, and chose 'screen' blend mode to add some edge "punch" in front of the title.

Download the Dark Droplets clip here and check out the rest of Beachfront B-Roll's free stock clips.

Download today's Free S4T Title Template here and experiment with the effect yourself.

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