Friday, February 28, 2014

Free S4T Title Template SET: Wedding Title Slide and L3rd

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It's been a busy week and we haven't had the time we normally would to get title templates posted for you, so our Friday post features a matching set of Premiere Pro Title Templates...a Wedding Title Slide and matching L3rd.

A gold tone background and a crimson ribbon are featured in the set with a design based on medium length names for the default text.

As always, every element in the title was created in the Adobe Title Designer inside Adobe Premiere Pro, so every element can be customized there as never have to leave your edit software.

With our more complex templates, there are layers that need to be ordered properly to maintain the appearance of the title, and you'll notice that the part of the ribbon that "wraps around" is a separate element from the foreground ribbon, and needs to be the "back" layer to appear behind the gold element.

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The text inside the ribbon is on a path to follow the curve, and is "pushed" to the right using spaces inserted to the left, so you can type in longer strings of text with minimal adjustment to the curve.

Download these title templates by clicking here for the title slide, and here for the lower 3rd.

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