Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template Project

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OK...sometimes you need more than just a Title Designer document  to really make your text stand out.

For today's free template, we've created an entire Premiere Pro CS6 project with a number of effects and some sequence nesting to really push the boundaries on what you thought Premiere Pro's Titler can do.

When you download the CS6 project (CC users will be asked to save an updated version when they open it), you'll find all the components included in the project itself.  There are three title files, used with standard effects inside Premiere Pro CS6 (and CC) to create a sense of movement and the ever-popular traveling glint of light.
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You'll find the project easy to reverse-engineer and understand how to create the effect.

It's one effect that we plan a more detailed tutorial  for in the future, but until then, we've left you some pretty clear breadcrumbs in the form of a self-contained Premiere Pro CS6 project that you can download here.

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