Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template and the Beachfront B-Roll Stock Footage Blog

Sometimes we find items on the web that may not be type-related, but they're too important not to pass along.  Beachfront B-Roll Stock Footage Blog would fall into that category.  A variety of stock footage in several categories, available in a variety of downloadable formats, usable in any project for free.

Yes...for free.

To clarify, our position at Style4Type is that such a resource, when utilized, deserves a credit on your production in large type face (some of which you might find in our 45 Free Typestyles for Premiere Pro...), but it's a fantastic source to add to your bookmarks, and all the founder, Jeffrey Beach asks is that you spread the word.
Fair enough.

The best way WE can spread the word is to do something like you see to the left...

We've created a custom title for the Beachfront B-Roll clip "1 Clip Mist the Boat"

Download the Stock Clip here (and check out the rest of Beachfront B-Roll here).

Then download the Free Premiere Pro Title Template here.

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