Wednesday, January 22, 2014

S4T Tip: Using Style4Type styles/templates with older versions of Premiere Pro

We test our typestyles and templates with Premiere Pro CS6 and CC, so we can be confident they'll work as expected in those versions of the software.

The topic of older versions of Premiere Pro has come up from time to time and our position on compatibility is this:

 1. The Adobe Title Designer has changed very little since Adobe Premiere (not "Pro") v6.5, when it was introduced in 2002.

I wrote extensively about it in my 2004 Focal Press book on Premiere Pro (version 1.0)...and almost as extensively in the 2014 Pearson/Adobe Press book I contributed to...

2. The file extensions have remained consistent and virtually all the attributes have remained consistent since then (though we haven't gone back and checked every last item in the interface in every version for the last decade.)

3. WHILE WE CAN"T GUARANTEE FULL COMPATIBILITY WITH VERSIONS OLDER THAN CS6, we suspect our products work relatively smoothly with a considerable range of past versions of Adobe Premiere Pro.

4.  If you have an older version of Premiere Pro, keep in mind that if the free S4T Base Typestyle Library works and the free templates work in your version, chances are pretty good everything up to and including our Premium Typestyle/Template product should work without issue.

*We've had user confirmation that Premiere Pro CS3 loaded and re-sized an S4T free template..

5. We urge you to do a test with our free resources before you purchase the Premium Typestyle/Template package to verify behavior in versions of Premiere Pro prior to CS6 for obvious reasons...

If you've tried to load S4T Templates or Typestyles into older versions of Premiere Pro, we'd love to hear from you about how well it worked...

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