Monday, January 6, 2014

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template: Cold!

As our daytime high temperature climbs to -15 Fahrenheit (-26 Celcius) today, I find myself distracted by a relatively simple topic...primarily the fact that the high temperature is -15.  The wind chill is something like -50 F and I think a couple more days of this will make the nearby lake sufficiently solid to land commercial aircraft...more than solid enough to drill a hole in the ice and watch for a fish to happen by apparently.

But enough about masochistic hobbies I don't understand...

This free template is the creative outlet for my feelings today (I started with a different four letter word, but I think "cold" works too...).  The snow/ice elements are each drawn inside the Title Designer and there is a foreground text object (transparent to imply ice build up) on top of another text object.  To change the text, you'll need to change both and resize as necessary.  The snow objects can be revised and points added/subtracted using the Title Designer drawing tools making this template ready for you to customize to your needs.

Download it here...and don't forget your earmuffs.

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