Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Style4Type announces the release of S4T Base and Premium Title products and partnership with

Style4Type is pleased to announce the release of our new Premium Typestyle/Template Collection for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/CC.  Along with the Premium package, which is priced at 19.95 USD, Style4Type has also released a set of 45 Typestyles ideal for everyday titling use, which can be downloaded for free.

"If an editor can save 30 minutes by avoiding having to create a typestyles or templates from scratch, the Style4Type Premium Typestyles and Templates have paid for themselves." said Tim Kolb of Style4Type.

Style4Type is also announcing that both the 45 Free Base Styles and the Premium Typestyle/Template Package will be available for download at  The website, created by Walter Biscardi, Jr of Biscardi Creative Media in Atlanta features working creative professionals sharing advice and tutorials.

Walter Biscardi Jr.
"The whole concept of the site was NOT to be just another 'here's how you push the buttons' tutorial site led by what I call professional trainers." Biscardi notes. 

"The site is designed to showcase working professionals sharing practical and creative advice to help you better your career and make more creative decisions in your projects.   Style4Type fits right into that concept.  Tim has been working with Premiere Pro longer than anyone I know and he's taken that practical knowledge to showcase a powerful tool that's been sitting right under our noses all along.  I just love the creative options Style4Type brings to our projects at Biscardi Creative and we're proud to be the distribution home of Style4Type at"

Style4Type Premium Typestyles and Templates package have more than 250 custom typestyles and more than 150 custom templates that can be loaded directly into the Adobe Premiere Pro Title Designer and customized by the user.  Style4Type Base Styles include 45 Typestyles and can be downloaded for free.

Both are available at .

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