Thursday, December 26, 2013

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Graphic: Mysterious Fog

Here's a title template that will only be a mystery to those who wonder how you did it.  There are two text objects and by working with the various transparency values and using the shadow property as a glow, you get soft, almost vapor-like effects with this title template.  In the example image, we used the "lighten" blend mode in Premiere Pro to alter the appearance of the title in front of our demonstration image (not included with the prtl file), and we'd urge you to explore all the additional possibilities that using the blend modes in Premiere Pro open up when your goal is something beyond every day text in front of a background.

Download the Style4Type 2013 Free Template Collection here and make sure to make creepy monster sounds to yourself while working with it so your clients can't hear them...

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