Sunday, December 1, 2013

S4T Tip: Nothing like a 4K Title

Every so often you run into an occasion where you want a title to enter (or leave) frame by moving on the Z axis.  The best way to create this illusion in a 2D environment is to scale the title graphic up.  Of course, any time you scale any pixel-based graphic up, you'll see softness best-case...worst case it will start to look like the cubic environment of Minecraft.  Either way, it won't be good.

In Adobe Premiere Pro, your title document size is determined by the sequence that has the focus when you start to create a new title.

For this reason, I often have 4K sequences in projects where I'm editing HD 1080 or even 720p footage for HD output.  When I make a title I know I'll be zooming in on, I click into the 4K sequence before creating the new title.  The 4K title can easily be scaled down, but it also scales up and maintains its sharp edges.

*Fair warning: on a system with limited RAM or installed GPU, working with lots of 4K titles can start to bog things down, but when you need one to scale up, it's worth the hassle.

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