Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template -Final Markdowns!

Retailers these days are typically having a sale...and at the end of the year, they're typically having incredible sales...very big...lots of ad copy dedicated to expounding how they've lost their senses and gone and discounted prices to the bone...

You'll be ready for your next advertising client who wants to spread the word about crazy pricing with this free Premiere Pro Titler template...which is really two graphics in one.  The "sash" element in the upper left corner will sit above all the incredible images of desirable merchandise, or the price tag will announce that these markdowns!  Just import the title document into your project and through saving a copies and deleting the extra elements, you can use both graphics in your next commercial announcing discounts that cannot be missed.  Note that the punch-hole in the price tag is on the exact center of frame for easy spinning in...  Even if you ultimately want it in a different place in the frame, as long as you re-position it using the Motion controls in the Effects Control panel and keep it positioned where it is in the document, you'll spin it around that same point.

The best discount of all is 'free' of course...and nothing is what you'll pay if you act now.

Download the Style4Type 2013 Free Template Collection here.


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