Monday, December 9, 2013

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title -Wedding Template

The Title Designer tool in Premiere Pro is not just for broadcast or corporate can also help Wedding Videographers add elegant type and titling for their customers as well.

See just how versatile the built-in Titler in Premiere Pro is with a graphic freehand shape, created in the Titler, with type attributes applied to give it that "silver tray" sort of aesthetic, with engraved lettering, and an ampersand that almost appears to be a reflection.  Every text object and shape object in the title is fully editable by you...change the font, the layout, even the shape of the tray if you want.

(Keep in mind that with this template, like any other Titler document you import into your project, the fonts you see here may not be the fonts that display when you load the template if your system doesn't have the exact font.  You can chose any font on your system for each text object.)

Download the Style4Type 2013 Free Template Collection here.

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