Friday, December 6, 2013

S4T Tip: Establish Lower 3rd Style Using the Longest Name/Title

We've all been there.  The corporate video needs some serious type chops and we design a beautiful lower 3rd for use on all our interviews.  We used the company president's name in the corporate's perfect. happens.  Maybe it's a modern woman (or man) who has decided to hyphenate rather than just use the husband's family name...  Sometimes it's the over-achiever who has 10 job titles, each necessary to their identity.  Somehow, you'll end up with pain unless you develop your lower 3rd template using the longest name, and/or identifier-title to determine your layout.

It seems like a silly, minor thing until you have that documentary with 42 interviewees and the one that blows up the lower 3rd design is number 38...


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