Friday, December 20, 2013

Free S4T Premiere Pro Title Template: Infographic Gadgets & Gizmos

Sometimes you just need something a little different.  A quick thumbnail flowchart would be handy...or putting a check mark in front of some important point might add a bit of movement and change at a slow moment...  We've assembled a few items for you for that purpose in this document.

Since this is an entire collection, you'll likely be copy/pasting objects from it into other documents.  Each item was created in the Title Designer inside of Premiere Pro and therefore each object is also able to be easily manipulated by you.  Each object has a style that is set up for a particular purpose, but each style can be saved as a typestyle and re-used (even though several probably wouldn't be particularly useful for type).  Panel lights with on/off states for use as a two-title document "animation," flow chart shapes and four directional alert sign for those safety videos where you need to stress important info...lots here for you to use, change, and re-use in your projects.

Download the Style4Type 2013 Free Template Collection here.

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